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Visitor experiences

“It has been said that O Henry’s short stories represent the cardinal element of youth ; “the expectation of finding something wonderfully unexpected around all of life’s corners“. This is how we think of Bloom in the park.”

“The first time we went here uncertain, not knowing our real destination. But we found out that Bloom is not a destination, it is a way of travelling , guided by the unique (Igi Vidal) and welcoming team.”

“It is a restaurant without a menu  but with a mission. To give us the best, whatever happens to be the best for the moment. You do not get to choose, because you choose to trust the expertise and knowledge of the Bloom team.”

“We found ourselves constantly and pleasantly surprised. We were seduced.  To be able to enjoy the luxury of being wrapped up in a culinary adventure, allured by golden walls and beautiful furniture while being  looked after by professional staff is an amazing experience. It gets better because we can expect something wonderfully unexpected at every meal. That is why we have to come back, again and again.”

“Bloom in the park is extraordinary. The experience is unique, it is an important cultural statement that the city of Malmö can sustain a restaurant of this calibre.”

Written by Johan Norberg & Henrik Jönsson (regular customers at Bloom In The Park)