Chef Titti Qvarnström, a White Guide “Rising Star”, is the leading visionary in our kitchen. Born in Malmö, trained in Copenhagen and schooled in Germany’s Michelin Star kitchens, Titti brings a wealth of experience, coupled with an immense culinary talent. André Schink, a Berliner, who also hails from some of the finest kitchens back home and Victoria Björkman, a Skånska with a tongue as sharp as her Japanese knives complete the core of the team. Together they excel in creating unique, creative dishes inspired by the freshest ingredients.

Our kitchen works with the purest definition of seasonal flavours. Each component plays an important role, both individually and in harmony with the rest of the dish. The drive is toward deconstruction and experimentation, but the roots lie in classic French gastronomy. Titti and her team do not seek star ratings, but strive to challenge the guides’ capital-centric judges to discover Skåne.

Bloom in The Park is a “No Menu” restaurant. This concept allows our chefs to serve the best ingredients according to availability, day and mood. This translates into a kitchen and wine cellar that is in constant transition, offering you a unique experience every time. This also allows us to personally cater to any dietary or allergy restrictions of our guests.

For cooking clases please give us a call or send an e-mail.

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